Affordable Option for CAM

Here is a past post from the previous forum on the use of HackerCAD for 5-axis toolpaths.

Are there any other choices for 5-Axis CAM? Fusion looks like it is now $2100 a year for the base license plus the manufacturing extension.


Even at that price, Fusion 360 still provides one of the best values for your money.

That being said, we have found that most of our customers do not need anything more than the basic license with the 3+2 toolpaths and basic 5 axis toolpaths. I believe that license is only $495/year.

Q Rothing
PocKet NC

As Q mentioned Fusion is still the most economical option. Other CAM options can be found here.

PNC might want to look at a SprutCAM bundling option for the the PNC or, better yet, for the new mill. Tormach arranged good pricing for buyers of their machines and PNC might be able to work something out with Sprut, too. I use SprutCAM with a Tormach mill and lathe and it has gotten much better over the past few years. I hardly swear at all any more while using it .