Home brew HMI for the PocketNC

I decided to make a prototype HMI for the PocketNC using the new Kinetic Control.
Responsiveness is very impressive as you can see. Based on raspberry pi and some customizable keyboards. Even over wifi the performance is great. Very customizable.


Here is the process for making the pendant. It’s really easy.
After gather all the parts I installed the OS to the raspberry pi and display driver.
I had to use the utility for the keyboards to program unique keys for each keyboard. This is persistent after doing it once.
The I laid out the positions and cut cardboard to build the pendant layer by layer and allowing cutouts for the keyboards, Raspberry pi, USB hub and power cables. I just hot glued it all together.
I made a simple script to launch google chrome into app mode to remove the unneeded browser functions. don’t forget to make it an executable .sh file.
command is /bin/chromium-browser --app=192.168.x.x
set the ip to whatever your machines ip address is.

Parts List:

Raspberry Pi with touch screen

Need to install the display driver and set your desired rotation

4 key
12 key

these can be found on ebay or ali barber, I used japan amazon as i live in japan.

USB 4 port Hub 3x 20cm usb cables to connect the keyboards. the 12 key are usc c and the 4 key was micro usb
Hot glue gun
Right angle USB C adapter to direct the power cable down through the base
Cardboard for layering the pendant
Black tape to make it look ok and stronger

I’m happy to help anybody if they have questions etc.