SolidCAM post status - not to be confused with SolidworksCAM

As some of you may recall there is a lack of a SolidCAM post and vmid setup that works with the PNC. I’ve looked at the old github project and found that post too far outdated and didn’t work with newer versions of SolidCAM. I’ve been working on a solution since about August 2020 and I’d like to update those who are curious.

Update as of 9/22/2021: sim 5x is fully functioning with kinematics calculated. This can easily be configured for whatever B offset your machine has in the vmid. Machine setup also works now too. Still doing minor tweaks as I use this with different stock configurations and setups to make sure there arent tool crashes but still not have too many unnecessary wasted movements. I’ve got drill cycles programmed but may still need some optimization. If anyone is in need of a SolidCAM post I will happily share what I’ve developed to this point, it will get you going. I seem to be making changes every day it seems so keep in mind that it is still a work in progress.

I’m very much a production mind set with cnc programming and always looking for ways to reduce cycle times. I watch the machines work and note where unnecessary movements are and attempt to improve. This is being applied to the post as I find these issues. However this is 99% a CAM feature not a post processor function, which is why I prefer SolidCAM over the rest.


Another update, this time concerning the new Kinetic Control. With some input and example code from Q Rothing (Thank you again for the info you provided) I have written a post that takes advantage of the RWO and TCPC smart cycles. Next I’m going to focus on the rotary unwind. I’ve used it in a hand written test program and I love it. As before, if anyone needs the SolidCAM post I’m more than happy to share it and the VMID files. Haven’t worked on machine simulation at all since the previous MCP kinematics. So far though, sim doesn’t appear to be necessary for two reasons. PNC has their web based sim that is fantastic (Great job to PNC for developing and maintaining it) and with the new control software, it is almost clamp and go. Minimal setup is required now.

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